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This is a documentation about how to handle Affymetrix Tiling Array data, esp. from ModEncode.

Tiling Array Related ACeDB Models

?Microarray - WormBase_Model:Microarray: information about a microarray chip.

Existing object - ?Microarray : Affymetrix_C.elegans_Tiling_Array_1.0R

?Microarray_experiment - WormBase_Model:Microarray_experiment: description of an experiment performed using a microarray.
?Condition - WormBase_Model:Condition: description of an experimental sample used by an microarray experiment.
?Microarray_results - WormBase_Model:Microarray_results: description of direct results for a 'spot' (TAR?) per ?Microarray_experiment.

Use Microarray_results to store TAR. What should be the Sequence_info for a TAR?

#Microarray_data Result A_vs_B_log_ratio	UNIQUE	Float
                        A_vs_B_SD	UNIQUE	Float
                        Frequency	UNIQUE	Float
                        Number_of_experiments	UNIQUE	Int
                        Range_within_paper	UNIQUE	Float	UNIQUE	Float
                 Confidence	Confidence_level	UNIQUE	Float
                               P_value	UNIQUE	Float
                               Presence      UNIQUE  PA
                 Expression_cluster	?Expression_cluster	XREF	Microarray_results
                 Remark	Text	#Evidence

Add tag (under "Result") "Log2_expression" (of a given TAR of a given Microarray_experiment)

?Expression_cluster - WormBase_Model:Expression_cluster: to group a set of ?Microarray_results that authors find to have a significant meaning through comparative analysis.