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March 5, 2020

WormBase curation

  • Tim Schedl: WB needs to do more curation for phenotype and variation
  • Doing community curation, but not fast enough
  • Would like to work on more automation; e.g. having Textpresso return all sentences mentioning an allele in papers that are predicted to have phenotype data


  • Joesph may be able to meet with Raymond
  • How can the tool be maintained? If it can't it needs to be pulled

Single cell expression tool

  • Tool is here: http://de.wormcells.com/
  • What do we need to consider for pulling into WormBase?
  • Where does the data sit and how does the tool access it? Can we integrate the data more into WormBase (e.g. local curation databases)?
    • Would want it to be in sync with WormBase releases
    • May not need to reprocess with every release with current (small-ish) data set
  • Fully integrated tool versus an embedded tool?

Name service updates

  • For now we will stick to the CGIs that Juancarlos has built for variations and strains
  • Juancarlos can discuss with Matt R. and Sibyl the possibility of integrating API requests to the Name service into a CGI form for the OA