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2019 Meetings





May 2, 2019

SObA for all ontologies

  • http://wobr2.caltech.edu/~raymond/cgi-bin/soba_biggo.cgi
  • SObA graph search for all ontologies
  • Juancarlos and Raymond looking for feedback; let them know
  • Would be good to make it clear to users what the edges/arrows mean; what relations are included for inference? Can we include blurb in the legend?
    • Raymond: thinking of putting blurb on a separate documentation page
  • Can we track who is using this tool (and others)? SObA is hosted by WormBase so we'd have to ask Todd (Google analytics); SimpleMine is Caltech hosted so we'd need to look at Tazendra logs to see who (and how many people) are using the tool (cannot rule out bots etc.)

IWM swag - screen cloth

  • Need to finalize design
  • Put Dick & Jane cartoon in one corner, tools in another corner, WB logo, Alliance logo
  • Daniel can take care of ordering and printing, but needs someone to choose the design

Phenotype ontology patternization

  • Chris working on patternizing phenotype terms to standardize logical definitions for classes of terms
  • This is part of the ongoing effort to align phenotype ontologies across the organisms
  • Paul S: It's important for community submitted phenotypes (and the use of the form) to make sure the ontology makes sense and is readily browsable
  • Does "dumpy" mean the same thing to everyone? Is there a way to assess discrepancies in term definitions among members of the community?
  • Does someone annotate to Egl or vulvaless?
  • How do we help community curators decide the correct term?
  • Could we develop a smart annotation aid/tool/helper? Use images, examples, etc.

May 9, 2019

SObA for all ontologies