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GoToMeeting link: https://www.gotomeet.me/wormbase1

2019 Meetings




April 4, 2019

Paul's Biocuration Keynote

  • At Biocuration keynote, Paul S. will talk about web forms, including Author First Pass form
  • Can someone send Paul the latest AFP form location and documentation
  • Will also discuss the future of micropublications

IWM Swag

  • Stickers vs. screen cloths
  • Daniela had contacted Jessie to make new graphic; she's interested, but do we still need a new graphic?
  • Plan was to make ~2,000 screen cloths (4x4 inch or 6x6 inch?)
    • As for design would be nice to have new design
    • Gary had made cartoon for community curation (proposal might be offensive to some)
  • Include water bottles for special contributors? In addition to shot glasses?
  • Turn around time? ~ 1 month; designs done in April; submit request by mid-May at latest
  • Worm in apple graphic? Dragon worm cartooon? Maybe some variation on it?
    • We can ask Jessie if she can draw up a couple quick sketch ideas

Collaborators tool

  • Juancarlos worked on a tool to extract WBPerson collaborators
  • WB staff generally had ~100 collaborators, Paul S has 670
  • Distinguish between collaborators and coauthors? Manual (self reported) vs. automatic associations?
  • Make modification to ACEDB model?
  • Maybe 'collaborators' should be restricted to the laboratory level?

April 11, 2019