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* Michael and Yuling are going
* Michael and Yuling are going
* Abstract deadline in November?
* Abstract deadline in November?
** Edit by Mary Ann  - Paper submission deadline 15th Nov, 2014, Abstract submission deadline 1st Feb, 2015
=== SAB Review ===
=== SAB Review ===

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October 2, 2014

ParaSite infrastructure

  • Discussion regarding communication/coordination of curation effort (& data display) between WormBase and ParaSite
  • What curation/work will ParaSite be taking over that we (WormBase) can stop doing?
  • What ParaSite info would a WormBase user be interested in: e.g. synteny/alignments, genetic maps?
  • WB has user tracking and feedback features; will we use the same tools for ParaSite? Who handles ParaSite help desk issues?
  • Branding? Similarity/differences in look & feel between ParaSite and WB?

WormBase Use Statistics

  • 2012 to 2013: page impressions increased ~8%

Last year WB object numbers

  • Will compare WS245 numbers to WS239 (~1 year)

Enzyme Widgets & Metabolic Pathway Integration

  • Marian Walhout working on metabolic flux analysis project
  • Would like to display data for enzymes on WormBase outlining likely reactions that are catalyzed by the gene product
  • We could interface with Reactome and/or MetaCyc/BioCyc
  • Was an idea to create an enzyme reaction widget on gene page
  • GO molecular function has associations with E.C. numbers

October 9, 2014

Citace upload

  • Curators should upload data by end of tomorrow (Friday Oct 10th)
  • Wen will upload citace to Hinxton on Wednesday (Oct 15th)
  • Will be the last upload of the year (next in January?)

BioCurator Meeting

  • http://biocuration2015.tilsi.org/
  • April 2015 in China
  • Michael and Yuling are going
  • Abstract deadline in November?
    • Edit by Mary Ann - Paper submission deadline 15th Nov, 2014, Abstract submission deadline 1st Feb, 2015

SAB Review

  • Response from SAB
  • What are our priorities?
  • Expression cluster data mining tools (Wen will work on)
  • Community Annotation
    • CANTO tool - Val Wood from Pombase gave a talk about CANTO
    • We could integrate/use CANTO, but we need to decide how we will implement it (probably implement our own type)
    • Used for new, recently released papers only
    • Would be good for users to get immediate feedback for their contributions
      • A widget on user/person pages showing annotation contributions
      • On WormBase homepage, have a very visible widget for top community annotators showing the identities of top users
    • Advisors felt that it would be useful to have a table and/or template that users/authors could fill out for their data
    • Eventually want to coordinate with publishers to get data submissions as part of the publication process
    • Good to have PR in place for the International Worm Meeting

International Worm meeting Workshops