WBConfCall 2020.07.02-Agenda and Minutes

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WS277 release

WS278 Models and Build Schedule

  • Confirm model proposals and changes
    • Genotype/Disease_model_annotation -- All tested and files already submitted to citace here at Caltech
    • ECO_term -- same as above
  • Build schedule

Help Desk

  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/7748
    • User requiring list of Transposons and their locations
      • Raymond responded with a linked to Paul David's response in similar ticket #6735
      • Will follow up to see if this satisfies what he is requiring


  • Raymond introduced Fernand to the team. He is focusing on anatomy function curation.
  • Genotype new class submitted with WS2778 upload from CalTech
    • To handle Genotype EBI needs to change config for new datatype (genotype)
      • New tags get automatically pulled in but a new class needs a new line in config file.
    • Ranjana work directly with Sibly on the Disease Disease Widget to make UI changes for genotype for WS278
  • Are opening up the discussion for getting statistics for pages from either Elasticsearch, the database, or from EBI and displaying them on a WB page
    • Will be starting to discuss on Slack and if needed will start meetings.

  • Paul S believes it is time to start looking into organizing the Project Meeting.
  • Reactome Views in WormBase?
    • Need to figure out criteria with regards to WB while being aware of the Alliance.
    • Some pathways transfer from human to C. elegans work well and others not so much. Signaling pathways are an example of ones that are more problematic.
    • Decided to set up a meeting between Reactome and CalTech curators.