WBConfCall 2019.05.02-Agenda and Minutes

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Helpdesk issues update

  • Protein "genomic location" coordinates are off #7082. The protein page "genomic position" coordinates don't exactly map to the gene coordinates or the corresponding CDS coordinates, usually including much more sequence than the gene itself. Now fixed, protein location corresponding to one transcript but would make most sense to use the coordinates of the CDS rather than a transcripts. If multiple transcripts it now chooses a random one.
  • JBrowse ticket #7063-loading external data (i.e. a BAM or VCF file) as a track. Scott replied to the user, waiting for reply
  • ok3634 doesn't seem to be shown on the genome browser #7067. Julie Ahringer- the ok allele is ‘pending curation’
  • Classification of gene-gene interactions #7079 Chris replied to the user, waiting for reply (sent user documentation and user is happy; resolved)


  • Anything to discuss?