WBConfCall 2019.02.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

  • "Uploading bigBed through custom TrackHub" help desk email Feb 19
    • Kevin: Two ParaSite developers are less integrated into WormBase. They aren't on wormbase-help,. eg.
    • Will forward ticket to ParaSite: parasite-help@sanger.ac.uk
  • "Accessing CB4856 genome assembly and polymorphism information" help desk email Feb 19
    • Chris to send instructions to user on how to extract information by the command line.



[PD] Models freeze is tomorrow; working on small molecule model for Karen.

[DR] Is the new life stage change included?

Upload deadline is March 15th.

[CG] Might want to add new tag for Phenotypes


[RK] Haven't heard anything back; compressing workshops into one.

[DR] uPub workshop now a luncheon instead of a workshop.