WBConfCall 2018.04.05-Agenda and Minutes

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  • 2018 SAB / project meeting
    • Tentative dates 12/13 July
    • When is the right time to nail down specifics and make travel arrangements?
  • Help Desk
    • Received question/correction from Jeff Medley on March 12 about alleles: mhs357, mhs358, mhs359, mhs361 and mhs362


SAB Meeting

  • Scheduled for July 12-13
  • Who should be on the SAB? And is the meeting contingent on organizing the SAB?
  • We will look at flight schedules to see what might be the optimum schedule


  • Kevin: Comments from grant -- that we don't have human geneticist
  • Kimberley: Tools and Datatypes
  • Todd: Managing transition from autonomous project to a subsidiary of a larger project

Datomic project progress

  • AW: About 85% of endpoints complete; now working on nameserver
  • KH: Second phase of the migration was the data capture and curation
  • Current nameserver is a standalone DB; should we be continuing development or directing effort to AGR?
  • (discussion about current vs delayed updates of curation databases)