WBConfCall 2017-09-06-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Welcome new Caltech curator, Jae Cho

RRID - Karen and Mary Ann

  • User asking for advice on creating RRIDs for strains.
  • Karen does not support their use except maybe for objects which do not have unique IDs (e.g antibodies)
  • Their use is optional
  • should be discussed within AGR
  • User needs WormBase response.
  • Minutes from site-wide meeting 10-Dec-2015 state "WormBase supports this project and will work with Anita and Aric to enable them to get the info they need from WB."
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R6j3sDROikjqtJBDRDu7Yf8uBuKnfTgzywBRRW60ia8/edit#gid=0 states RRID has been deprecated for CGC and they will use WBids. Not sure when this was added.

Grant Renewal Update

Annotation of Multiple Point Mutations (CRISPR) Mary Ann