WBConfCall 2013.01.24-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Model changes

  • Chris: Model changes in support of deletion of gene regulation and YH classes; deadline not for a few weeks.
    • Postponed until after the SAB meeting.
  • Karen needs to do some changes for the Gene model.
  • CG: Dead gene / historical gene tag
    • To handle dead genes, scripts at Caltech that recognize them; replace with new gene
    • Interactions, transgenes, others
    • KH: Website dynamically replace genes with live ones
    • Dead genes have tags pointing to the new gene; Splits do not
    • AC: will slow down web code since we don't currently check each gene
    • (discussion on splits/merges etc)
  • CG: How to handle splits: does a curator make a judgement call and replace (and thereby lose history?)
  • RL: Where is the data handled? Caltech, OICR, Hinxton.
  • PD: Handling splits: should this be via a curator form: notify curator that they then handle on a case by case basis.

Nameserver discussion.

  • Realtime updates
  • Everything merged or died, handled manually.


  • Chris will continue discussion with stakeholders. Leaning towards implementing at curatorial database.

2. SAB issues / announcements

  • Paul S.'s list of questions for AB (email thread: draft questions for advisors: pls add/edit)
  • Agenda