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All meetings: WebDev Issues Meetings

Tuesday May 21th, 2pm, 5th floor NW Boardroom

Milestone update

Release total tharris acabunoc jdmswong joejimbo unassigned due
WS238 58 13 26 2 3 7 6 days

Update on Intermod meeting / Last week in general

Code review

Issues in progress



  • Intermine branding
  • Cytoscape:
    • update on Process page
    • issue #741
      • Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape - ready to start this?
  • Merge redundant columns in Curatorial history table
  • WormMine issues:
  1. 1201 There are many "Genes" with a Primary Identifier that is not of the format "WBGene0000####" Intermine
  2. 1170 Intermine: the cambridge logo in the footer is too prominent Intermine
  3. 1202 Minor issue: "Gene Name" under protein queries should be "Protein Name" Intermine
  4. 1194 Spesies source: add genus, species, and other name Intermine
  5. 1171 Searching for genes yields 3 fields in the header for each row Intermine
  6. 1172 The variation table on the gene report is non-informative Intermine
  7. 1167 WormMine Anatomy terms are missing their primary name Intermine
  8. 1143 WormMine protein page error message Intermine
  9. 741 Cell lineage browsing using Cytoscape? feature request Webteam UI-data display
  10. 890 Create unpacking script for WormMine Intermine
  11. 881 Improve this error message Intermine
  12. 847 Enable working FASTA exporter Intermine
  13. 848 Enable OpenID authentication functionality Intermine
  14. 565 Open list of WormMine use cases Intermine

Triage new issues