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WormBase Models

Curator Comments/Description

Description -- for figure legend

Name -- for actual picture name, that includes the file path.

Crop -- this is the picture object lineage. Large figures will be cropped into sections when they represent different data.

Pick_me_to_call -- untouched from existing model

Expr_pattern -- for linking to Expr_pattern data

Remark -- For curator notes

Cellular_component -- For linking to a GO term

Anatomy_term -- For linking to an Anatomy Object

Acknowledgments -- For copyrights and permission acknowledgments

"Reference" -- for the source of the picture (WBPaper)

We removed the following tags because they had no associated picture data (checked on WS219):

RNAi ?RNAi XREF Picture //tag removed

Variation ?Variation XREF Picture //tag removed

Transgene ?Transgene XREF Picture //tag removed

A detailed explanation of the model with the proposed changes can be found on the wiki:


The tags RNAi, Variation, and Transgene were removed as they had no associated picture data".



?Picture Description ?Text
         Pick_me_to_call Text Text
         Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Picture
         RNAi ?RNAi XREF Picture                // Lincoln.  krb [010807]
         Variation ?Variation XREF Picture
         Transgene ?Transgene XREF Picture      // Carol.  ar2 [2006-04-21]
         Remark ?Text #Evidence                 //  


?Picture Evidence #Evidence
         Description ?Text
         Name UNIQUE Text
         Crop Crop_picture ?Picture XREF Cropped_from
              Cropped_from ?Picture XREF Crop_picture
         Pick_me_to_call Text Text
         Remark ?Text #Evidence
         Depict  Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Picture
                 Anatomy ?Anatomy_term XREF Picture
                 Cellular_component ?GO_term XREF Picture
         Acknowledgment Template UNIQUE Text
                        Publication_year UNIQUE Text
                        Article_URL UNIQUE ?Database UNIQUE ?Database_field UNIQUE ?Accession_number
                        Journal_URL UNIQUE ?Database 
                        Publisher_URL UNIQUE ?Database 
                        Person_name UNIQUE Text
         Reference ?Paper XREF Picture
         Contact ?Person

Proposed Changes


Unused tags

RNAi - Removed

Variation - Removed

Transgene - Removed

Remark - Preserved for now.