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// ?Person class //

?Person PostgreSQL_id UNIQUE Text       // for linking to internal RDB
                                        // Text instead of Int so it says WBperson####
        Name    First_name    UNIQUE  Text    // prefered first name
                Middle_name   Text            // middle name(s)
                Last_name     UNIQUE  ?Person_name XREF Last_name_of    // prefered last name
                Standard_name UNIQUE  ?Person_name XREF Standard_name_of   // name to be used for displays
                                              // default is "First_name Last_name"
                Full_name     UNIQUE  ?Person_name XREF Full_name_of // field for storing long name [030321 krb]
                Also_known_as   ?Person_name XREF Other_name_of // new XREF added [030310 krb]
        CGC_representative_for ?Laboratory XREF Representative
        Laboratory ?Laboratory XREF Registered_lab_members
        Conducted ?Analysis XREF Conducted_by
        Address #Address
        Tracking        Old_laboratory ?Laboratory XREF Past_lab_members      // Lab(s) the person previously worked in
                        Last_verified UNIQUE DateType                         // Last time the name/contact information in this record was actively verified
                        Last_attempt_to_contact UNIQUE DateType UNIQUE Text   // Text is method of attempt to contact
                        Old_address DateType #Address   // for history
                        Left_the_field Text
                        History        Merged_into       UNIQUE ?Person XREF Acquires_merge
                                       Acquires_merge    ?Person XREF Merged_into
                        Status  Valid
        Comment Text
        Lineage Supervised    ?Person XREF Supervised_by #Role
                Supervised_by ?Person XREF Supervised #Role
                Worked_with   ?Person XREF Worked_with #Role
        Publication     Paper ?Paper XREF Person #Evidence
                        Not_paper ?Paper XREF Not_person #Evidence
                        Publishes_as ?Author    // confirmed author names (curated) can't XREF because of paper model
                        Possibly_publishes_as ?Author XREF Possible_person
                                                // curated for Author->Paper->Person
                                                // connection but not yet verified by
                                                // the Person

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