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// ?PCR_product class - Lincoln [010226]

?PCR_product SMap S_parent UNIQUE Canonical_parent UNIQUE ?Sequence XREF PCR_product
                  S_child Expr_profile ?Expr_profile XREF PCR_product UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int #SMap_info // added for Expr_profile class [010912 krb]
             Overlaps_CDS ?CDS XREF Corresponding_PCR_product  // Dan PCR mappings [010419 dl]
             Overlaps_transcript ?Transcript XREF Corresponding_PCR_product  
             Overlaps_pseudogene ?Pseudogene XREF Corresponding_PCR_product // [030801 krb]
             Oligo ?Oligo XREF PCR_product UNIQUE Int UNIQUE Int
             Assay_conditions ?LongText
             From_laboratory UNIQUE ?Laboratory // Lincoln Orfeome attribution [020304 dl]
             Amplified Int
             SNP_locus ?Locus XREF SNP_assay                        // Todd [171001 krb]
             Variation ?Variation XREF PCR_product // For KO allele data [krb 021217]// ar2 PCR_products used in RFLPs etc
             Microarray_results ?Microarray_results XREF PCR_product //added for Microarray_results class
             Clone ?Clone XREF PCR_product  // added [krb 031126]
             YH_bait   ?YH XREF PCR_bait ?Text // for yeast two hybrid data
             YH_target ?YH XREF PCR_target ?Text
             RNAi ?RNAi XREF PCR_product
             Remark ?Text #Evidence
             Method UNIQUE ?Method

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