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The Mass Spec peptide.

This is a short (less than about 100 residues, usually less than 30 residues) peptide produced by a mass-spectrometry experiment.

The name of the objects in this class is produced by prepending 'MSP:' to the actual peptide sequence itself (in uppercase). For example: 'MSP:TGLINNDVVEIVQMTDDEK'

A mass-spec peptide can be produced by more than one mass-spec experiment.


?Mass_spec_peptide  Peptide UNIQUE Text                 // the deduced peptide sequence
                    Protein_seq UNIQUE ?Protein         // the protein object of this Mass_spec_peptide
                    Petide_is_natural                   // the peptide is known to occur naturally, e.g. a neuro-peptide
                    Homol Homol_homol ?Homol_data XREF MSPeptide_homol ?Method Float Int UNIQUE Int Int UNIQUE Int #Homol_info
                    Mass_spec_experiments ?Mass_spec_experiment XREF Mass_spec_peptide #Mass_spec_data

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