WormBase-Caltech Weekly Calls December 2021

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December 16 2021

tm variation - gene associations

  • Not all tm variation - gene associations are in the nightly geneace dump
  • We need to retrieve the remainder from WS
  • WS updates to postgres have apparently not been working for some time; script for downloading WS is not working
  • We need a better way to get the WS updates
  • Query WS on spica? automatically generate files from queries of WS on spica?
  • Future proof: (when) should we start thinking about querying the Alliance, instead?

protein-containing complexes in WB

  • The Complex Portal (EBI) group makes GO annotations to C. elegans protein-containing complexes
    • 448 annotations to 132 unique protein-containing complexes
    • We currently can't do anything with these annotations, although we will be able to bring in derived annotations to the individual members (once evidence code issues get sorted out)
  • What do we think about instantiating protein-containing complexes in WB?
  • How would this fit into the Alliance roadmap?