Working Group:Curation Priorities

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  • Are there data types we should be, but aren't, currently curating?
  • This could be something we do once a year by surveying other databases and the elegans literature to see if there are data types that we'd like to curate but aren't.
  • Review our current data collections
  • Survey other projects and their data types
  • Survey the Nematode literature for novel data types
  • Consult the Users (including pathogen worm groups)
  • Define how the data should be captured and added to WormBase
  • Suggest how the data sets should be searched by the used
  • Suggest how the data set should be displayed on the WormBase web site


  • Curateable data sets in the database
  • Define data sets that cannot or should not be included in WormBase, and why


Gary Williams