WebDev 2014.08.05-Agenda and Minutes

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Abby's departure / planning

WS244 development status

[G|J]Browse development

  • Nearly all of the variation, expression and gene tracks have labels, descriptions and links that mirror what is present in GBrowse. The only ones that don’t correspond to what is in GBrowse are those that are either unsupported (the CDS track) or the links are broken in GBrowse too (SAGE_tag).
  • Several javascript functions have been abstracted out of individual track configurations and placed in an included config file.
  • Located a MODEncode metadata file with Lincoln’s help: ftp://ftp.modencode.org/metadata.csv
  • Added to my monthly summary for July.

Plan for the next few weeks:

  • Implement faceted track selection for existing tracks.
  • Write scripts to automate data extraction for existing tracks.
  • Work on a script that will take the MODEncode metadata and will produce JBrowse track config and faceted track selector
  • Create a timeline estimate for completion of JBrowse work (at Lincoln’s request).