WebDev 2010.09.01-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Update from Lincoln! (5 minutes)

modENCODE integrative paper submitted to Science!

2. Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

Added <strikethrough>memory</strikethrough>diskspace to dev

3. Discuss WS218 build progress (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • Will be finished by Friday.
  • Working on search via ce gene public names.

4. User auth/auth progress (Xq; 10 minutes)

  • Open login demonstration
  • User workbench

5. UI devel update (Abby; 10 minutes)

  • Demo interface developments via variation page. Very Nice!

6. Migration update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Three things left: relocate proxy server (done yesterday, few more cleanup steps), move mailing list(todo), xfer ownership of domain (todo)

7. Milestone discussion (5 minutes)

  • Reached some, fell behind on a few.
  • Public test site -- slotted for Dec. 1 (NB: all hands advisory board Feb, 2011.)
  • Set up survey for users (?)
  • Focus on depth vs. breath. -- LS

8. Open Table

  • Discussion on where to focus individual efforts..