WebDev 2009.12.16-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes from 2009.12.09

  • Goals for SAB -- GB2; tier2/3 support; new system demo

2. Administrative Update (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • WS209 deadline
  • Send summary of changes made via email
  • Server issues - variation summa on production -- upgraded MySQL to 5.1

3. WS209 build status (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • Clustal: stick with current version in production
    • WS209 still has markup; WS210 will not.
  • Updated disease search
    • NdlC will check if it is ready to go live with WS209
  • BLAST and GFF compile

4. Discuss GB2 issues and status (all; 10 minutes)

image map working examples: http://dev.wormbase.org:9004/db/gene/gene?name=WBGene00006763;class=Gene

  • Progress made, things look nicer: 1.9971
  • AC working on: track standardization; upload and share tracks; details and analysis issues
  • Names from data source
  • Links for summa pages

modENCODE data

  • bringing it in


  • inline images working
  • to commit development updates


  • production testing for GB2 items

5. Tier II/III matrix (all; 10 minutes)

Matrix populating assignments:

Find gaps in the information vis-a-vis CE


  • B. malayi
  • C. brenneri
  • C. briggsae


  • C. japonica
  • C. remanei
  • H. contortus


  • M. hapla
  • M. incognita
  • P. pacificus

Physical map

  • might retire this
  • TH to look in more details
  • working in GB1 (AC)

6. Open Table