WebDev 2009.10.14-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • resubmitted NAR paper
  • Server maintenance @ CSHL
  • WS207 into production
  • Established a series of machines @ OICR

2. Discuss WS207 build status (Norie; 10 minutes)

Build is coming along

  • Working on load GFF steps
  • Added some new modules for the build
    • Gene resources compile and ortholog data compile
  • Built contortus
  • Going through the checklist for WS207
  • Working on paralogs not ready for WS207

3. Process and Pathway Visualization update (Xiaoqi; 10 minutes)

  • Created subsection in Gene page for pathway with ReacTome data. Example in XS personal dev site
  • Waiting for system reconfiguration to enable pulling data from ReacTome.
  • Looking into creation of separate page for rxns.
  • Question re: Karen's data; we're waiting for the details
  • Looking into Phenotype info table issues

4. modENCODE data migration update (Abby; 10 minutes)

  • Working on Track Sharing.
  • Software updates necessary: bioperl and biographics.
  • modENCODE site needs updating as well.
  • Other data files to be looked into; Lieb data works well.
  • Wait on modENCODE updates till next week, Lied data to be released for WS207
  • Operon Summa page: Pheno2GO mappings section? -- 2 Do some analysis

5. Define WormMart schedule (Zheng; 10 minutes)

  • unavailable

6. Discuss scheduling and calendar (5 minutes)

  • TH and NBC visit 1st week of Dec. (12/1 - 12/4) -- Looks good.
  • SAB meeting @ CalTech 01/11 & 01/12

7. Open Table