WebDev 2009.09.30-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes from 09.23.09

- Approved, although missing one section -- by accident.

2. Administration Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

- House cleaning for Mail
- Replaced server from CSHL
- Production servers provisioning @ OICR underway; to discuss issue with Joseph
- Load balancing discussion: WB vis-a-vis OICRs server policies and practices, 
- For the time being some more independent services will be moved.

3. WS207 development update (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • WS207 arrived
  • Site still pointing at WS206 so others can continue to work
  • Phenotype updates from Jolene
  • Working on Haemonchus database
  • Inclusion of the paralogs data on the gene page

4. modENCODE development update (Abby; 10 minute)

- Tested vs. Watterson data sets, working.
- Communicated with Sanger re: data incorporation into and correlation with WB releases.
- Discussion on scripts re: generation of config files.
- Worked cleaning up linkouts to Worm Atlas:  Coming out WS208.

5. Describe Reactome integration progress (Xiaoqi; 10 minutes)

- Script to pull data from Reactome and BioMart Web services, incorporating into WB
- New subroutine for adding pathway data
- System set up to avoid conflicts of edits on the same code

6. GBrowse Q & A with Lincoln (10 minutes)

- Addressed earlier

7. Open Table