WebDev 2009.09.02-Agenda and Minutes

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Development Update (Norie; 10 minutes)

- WS206 largely complete, few tweeks for the next few days
- Ontology enhancements, data pull developed for cumulative annotation counts, started adding to display, release pending check of numbers.
- Analysis started for multi-ontology search upgrade.
- Contacted Jolene F re: Phenotype items in Bitbucket.  Will meet with her next week.  Analysis started on relevant WB reports.

modENCODE status update (Peter, Marc, Zheng; 15 minutes)

 - Deadlines assigned for submission pushed back; Analyses due for each dataset -- Oct 1 - fly, Oct 15 worm
 - ModMine work by Peter, GBrowse issues cropped up with images, problem with Multiple DBs, tweeked to work with one DB
 - Some unexpected behaviors observed with GB2, tracks w/c were not called.
 - Data ID issues encountered; 

 - Zheng:  Biomart work, web interface -- working to provice more mature interface:  Clustering data, various download capabilities
 - Config file? -- won't work. Working with Will to find way to deal with large volume of data; waiting for reply hopefully not just manual

WormMart status (Zheng; 10 mintues)

Personnel updates (Todd; pending)

- mentioned that Abigail Cabunoc is starting Sept. 8 with Web team

Administrative update (Todd; pending)

Call structure (all; pending)

Open Table