WebDev 2009.08.26-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

- Addressed several hardware failures with workarounds, now running @ full capacity

- Some servers to be moved to OICR

2. Development status update (Norie; 10 minutes)

M. incognita and M. hapla

C. elegans C. briggsae C. japonica C. remanei P. pacificus

  • Supplementary GFF files loaded

New enhancements and user requests

  • Ontology: conference call with Gary; in re behavior of multiple ontology search
  • Consolodiate all ontology searches into one engine
  • Additions to sequence page

New / updated pages

  • Operon
  • Analyis

nBrowse functionality for WS206

3. 'Mart status and schedule (Zheng; 10 minutes)

4. modENCODE status update (Marc, Peter, Zheng; 15 minutes)

- Lieb data now public in ModEncode GBrowse

- Track arrangement updated/enhanced

- Sept 10 data freeze coming