WebDev 2009.08.12-Agenda and Minutes

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Minutes from 2009.08.05

Administrative Update (Todd; 10 minutes)

Minutes reviewed

  • Update:
    • update to production nodes to WS204 smooth
    • modification to address challenges with CentOS - using NFS, distributed logging
    • review CSHL current hardware with PV and planning maintenance -- most will be allowed to "die out"

Describe WS205 development status (Norie; 5 minutes)

  • Icognita
    • Blast/BLAT built (working on interface)
    • Building the GBrowse database for incognita

Development checklist (Norie)


TH: Maybe turn it into a template? Or at least its own page then copy and paste for each release.

Define WS205 development goals (All; 10 munutes)

modENCODE status update (Marc, Zheng; 10 minutes)

  • Mark: 8-9 data track coming for Loeb data
  • Wiggle files for some data discussed (chip-chip?)
  • Script created sometime ago to turn data to binary format (by LS?)
  • Ant and TH working to strategy to move data to WormBase
  • For trial, Most mature dataset? -> from 2007 Nature paper, dosage compensation data
  • TH: recommend trial with above data to solidify workflow...
  • Mark to email number details to TH

Define WormMart go-live date (Zheng and Todd; 10 minutes)

  • site - http://ls2.res.oicr.on.ca:9010
    • not available outside firewall
    • currently has raw web interface; dramatically diff from WB's
    • Discussion with Will indicated need to change interface to mature format (WB's), 2/b done manually
    • ZZ updating interface currently to be more user friendly
    • discussion with biomart programmer ongoing
    • need 1-2 wks worth of work
    • needs list of columns to be included to expedite work

Open Table