WebDev 2009.07.29-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes

2. Administration update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Restructured topology of production
  • Big Iron failure yesterday, work-arounds in place
  • Working with PvB to create list of services and hardware; TH putting production migration plan in place

3. Development update Matrix (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • Gff2 -> GFF3 pipeline
  • Test with Pristionchus pacificus
  • WS204
    • PMap is built
    • GMap is built
  • TH: Atomic level checks: how to test that something is successful?
  • TH: Clone for every release, so that we have a checklist for each release, at a glance progress of build
  • TH: Link to spreadsheet from the release notes on the wiki,

4. modENCODE update (Peter, Zheng; 10 minutes)


  • New data; released some Waterston tracks - 17 submissions
  • Tiling array data.
  • Expression data: C. elegans grown in presence of pathogens
  • GBrowse updates
    • For each track in details, red rectangles with question mark; hover shows citations
      • Citation is truncated
  • DataSource module in GB2.
    • Extract information from data sources


  • WormMart
    • GO error when generating meta tables for BioMart: corrected
    • Web Interface
      • Martview: builds interface
      • One sheet of filters and attributes
      • Current Mart interface has many attributes omitted

Todo: Transform interface

TH: Going forward, how is the build process?

  • ZZ: Requires some attention; will do with WS204 and report required time*

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