WebDev 2009.07.15-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administration update (Todd, 10 minutes)

2. Finalize WS204 development (Todd, Norie, 10 minutes)

  • Todd to look at Cisortho

3. Discuss and assign new development issues (10 minutes)

4. modENCODE update (Marc, Peter, Zheng, 10 minutes)


  • Gbrowse1 and GBrowse2 running on the same machine
  • Posting some data from Reinke lab
    • About 10 data sets
  • Sambam format: alignments in binary format


  • Hennikoff has started to submit first worm dataset to modENCODE


  • Working on MacAlpine data
  • Trying to build metadata table for 'Mart
  • GO model has parent and children terms: will consult BioMart team and WS

5. Open table

Data from Chen

  • Todd will provide Peter script for mapping to other coordinates