WebDev 2009.06.03-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative update (Todd, 5 minutes)

WS202 rollout; power failures at CSHL; all services restored.

Describe GFF2 -> GFF3 progress and define deadline (Norie, 10 minutes)

  • Norie will have something by Friday.
  • Will email Erich and Todd, and commit changes back to repository.
  • Add GFF validation step (there are some problems with children with no parents in WS180 GFF3)
  • Contact Peter when GFF3 is available

Discuss WormMart handling and maintenance (10 minutes)

  • Zheng is running it on server at OICR: res.oicr.on.ca
  • We Will plan to add to update pipeline shortly.
  • TH: Is there a 'Mart installation at OICR? eg: Can we host WormMart ion existing infrastrucutre?
  • LS: Load data into Arek's existing, externally available BioMart
    • Arek has dedicated existing mysql database and loads of capacity
    • Zheng will talk with Arek about hosting

Job candidates and schedule (10 minutes)

  • Scheduling interviews for later this week and next

modENCODE status update (Marc, Peter, Zheng, 10 minutes)

  • Zheng: scripted GEO fetching
  • Peter: Working with LaDeana Hillier's data, this will be available on WormBase shortly.


  • TH: exec function?
    • LS: Executes script everytime config is parsed. If not cached, will fetch tracks from modencode, set to reload every hour.
  • MP: Snyder project now has about a dozen datasets
  • LS: GBrowse server farm at OICR:

Finished installing a browser server farm for modencode: gbrowse.modencode.oicr.on.ca

Load balancing system: 5 machines
Two front-end load-balancing machines of 8 cores each: load balancing and rendering
Two back-end machines of 8 cores each: rendering
Database server with NFS
  • TH: will other OICR projects be able to use this architecture?
  • LS: possibly ;)