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Model Changes

This cycle we see a number of model changes proposed by curators:


   Isolation  Picture ?Picture


?Life _stage
   Public_name UNIQUE Text


      Mapping_primers Left_mapping_primer UNIQUE Text
                                  Right_mapping_primer UNIQUE Text

Unambiguous storage of primers used in the experiment.


  Child   CELL_c         ?Anatomy_term     XREF CELL_p
          XUNION_OF_c    ?Anatomy_term     XREF XUNION_OF_p
  Parent  CELL_p         ?Anatomy_term     XREF CELL_c
          XUNION_OF_p    ?Anatomy_term     XREF XUNION_OF_c 


   -D Author
                      Cis_regulated  //existing tag
              Intragenic_effector_variation   ?Variation   XREF   Interactor // New tag
              Intragenic_affected_variation   ?Variation   XREF   Interactor // New tag
       Interaction_phenotype ?Phenotype XREF Interaction //existing tag
       Unaffiliated_variation   ?Variation // New tag
       Unaffiliated_transgene   ?Transgene // New tag
       Unaffiliated_antibody    ?Antibody // New tag
       Unaffiliated_expr_pattern   ?Expr_pattern // New tag
       WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Interaction    //existing tag
   Interactor Rearrangement ?Rearrangement XREF Interactor #Interactor_info
   PCR_interactor - remove UNIQUE
   Sequence_interactor - remove UNIQUE

Sequence of the interacting gene or protein

   Reporter 3_UTR ?Gene
   Interactor ?Interaction XREF Rearrangement

House keeping changes to:


Species ?Species #Evidence

Added non-unique species connectivity so that papers can be sorted by species.


Summary ?Text #Evidence

Added to store summary display details and evidence tracking.


Again a text addition for display purposes.

Pathway DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number

Can be used for any pathway db with unique accessionIDs