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Models Tagged for WS229

This cycle we see a number of changes/additions to the core models file.

Model Changes

-D denotes removal of tag.

Map class

 Transgene  ?Transgene XREF Map
 Transgene  ?Transgene //sdm added to display gmaps //removed XREF ky 2011
 -D XREF Map

Gene class

DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number Text //For Darin genbank genpep ids
Human_disease_relevance ?Text #Evidence	 // Ranjana [110601 pad]

Rearrangement class


Species class

removal of majority of tags with some additions.

Sequence class


Splice Confirmation hash

		     RNASeq ?Analysis Int
		     Mass_spec ?Mass_spec_peptide

Sequence collection class introduction

?Sequence_collection Origin	Evidence #Evidence 
				Name ?Text // name that the author gave this collection 
				Species UNIQUE ?Species 
				Strain UNIQUE ?Strain
				Laboratory ?Laboratory
				Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number
		     History    First_WS_release Int // first WormBase release this assembly was used
				Latest_WS_release Int // latest release where it was used
				Supercedes    UNIQUE ?Sequence_collection XREF Superceded_by
				Superceded_by UNIQUE ?Sequence_collection XREF Supercedes
		     Remark	?Text
		     Status     UNIQUE Live #Evidence
				       Suppressed #Evidence
				       Dead #Evidence
		     Sequences	?Sequence

Homology group class

 simplification by generating #Homology_type removal of HOPS_group and RIO_group
#Homology_type KOG
               NOG   //eggNOG - standard cluster
               euNOG //eggNOG - eukaryote cluster
               meNOG //eggNOG - metazoan cluster

Feature class

    Defined_by_analysis ?Analysis Int

Int addition

Transgene class


Significant modifications and cleanup. See CVS diff

Movie class

 -D Transgene ?Transgene XREF Movie

Gene class

 -D Rescued_by_transgene ?Transgene

Person class

      Affiliation Text // used for storing institute affiliations that aren't in their Address

Address hash

      Fax           Text

Molecule class

      Rearrangement  ?Rearrangement  ?Phenotype  #Evidence  //KY [110602 pad]