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Models Tagged for WS225

This cycle we see the introduction of the WBProcess class

Discussion and details can be found here:

Model Changes

Class Addition:

// WBProcess class Model - Proposed by Karen Yook WS225
// Connects to: ?Gene
//              ?Expression_cluster
//              ?Interaction
//              ?Anatomy_term
//              ?Life_stage
//              ?Molecule
//              ?Phenotype

?WBProcess      Name  ?Text
                Summary ?Text #Evidence
                Process_term ?Text
                Other_name ?Text
                Related_process ?WBProcess XREF Related_process
                Taxon   NCBITaxonomyID ?Text
                Involved_entity         Gene ?Gene XREF WBProcess #Evidence  
                                        Expression_cluster ?Expression_cluster XREF WBProcess  #Evidence
                                        Interaction ?Interaction XREF WBProcess #Evidence
                                        Anatomy_term ?Anatomy_term XREF WBProcess #Evidence
                                        Life_stage ?Life_stage XREF WBProcess #Evidence 
                                        Molecule ?Molecule XREF WBProcess #Evidence 
                Associated_with         Phenotype ?Phenotype XREF WBProcess #Evidence
                                        GO_term ?GO_term  #Evidence
                Picture ?Picture #Evidence
                Movie ?Movie  #Evidence
                Pathway DB_info Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number //Can be used for any pathway db with unique accessionIDs
                Remark ?Text #Evidence
                Reference ?Paper XREF WBProcess

Additions to XREF'd classes:

	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Gene #Evidence
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Interaction
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Anatomy_term
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Life_stage
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Phenotype
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Expression_cluster #Evidence
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Reference
	WBProcess ?WBProcess XREF Molecule