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Models Tagged for WS223

This cycle there were 3 proposed model changes

1) Transposon_family - [[User:Pdavis | Paul Davis]]

addition of

DB_annotation ?Database UNIQUE ?LongText

Simple addition borrowed form other classes ?Sequence

2) Picture - Daniela

extensive re-working of the model.

Some discussion from Todd and Raymond, modified model slightly.

Model appears to work well - No test data has been provided for checking, but should be good to go, if no objections on call.

In the model proposal, the location of the XREF tags weren't mentioned so I have placed them where I feel they might be best placed, but I will email these out once I have finished testing etc.

Picture ?Picture XREF Anatomy
Picture ?Picture XREF Cellular_component
Picture ?Picture XREF Reference

3) ?Strain - Additional field under Isolation

    Date UNIQUE DateType

Simple addition borrowed form other classes.

== Model Changes ==

Human readable diff:

Strain Model:
?Strain - addition
> 		   Date UNIQUE DateType 

Transposon_family Model:
> 		   DB_annotation ?Database UNIQUE ?LongText

Picture Old Model:
< ?Picture Description ?Text
< 	 Pick_me_to_call Text Text
< 	 Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Picture
< 	 RNAi ?RNAi XREF Picture		// Lincoln.  krb [010807]
<          Variation ?Variation XREF Picture
<          Transgene ?Transgene XREF Picture      // Carol.  ar2 [2006-04-21]
< 	 Remark ?Text #Evidence			//  

Picture New Model:

> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> //
> // ?Picture class - substantially modified by Daniela 
> //
> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> ?Picture Description ?Text
>          Name UNIQUE Text
>          Crop Crop_picture ?Picture XREF Cropped_from
>               Cropped_from ?Picture XREF Crop_picture
>          Pick_me_to_call Text Text
>          Remark ?Text #Evidence
>          Depict  Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Picture
>                  Anatomy ?Anatomy_term XREF Picture
> 	         Cellular_component ?GO_term XREF Picture
>          Acknowledgment Template UNIQUE Text
>                         Publication_year UNIQUE Text
>                         Article_URL UNIQUE ?Database UNIQUE ?Database_field UNIQUE ?Accession_number
>                         Journal_URL UNIQUE ?Database 
>                         Publisher_URL UNIQUE ?Database 
>                         Person_name UNIQUE Text
>          Reference ?Paper XREF Picture
>          Contact ?Person

New XREF Picture connections
> Picture ?Picture XREF Anatomy
> Picture ?Picture XREF Cellular_component
> Picture ?Picture XREF Reference

Removal of XREF Picture connections
<  Picture ?Picture XREF Transgene #Evidence
<  Picture ?Picture XREF RNAi
<  Picture ?Picture XREF Variation #Evidence