WBConfCall 2022.09.08-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Helpdesk

  • C.elegans collaboration partner for small ORF discovery? [MZ]
    • the GENCODE project have found some microproteins in human and mouse genes. We will begin to annotate the orthologs, and also adopt their methods for de-novo gene finding in C. elegans. Do we know any researcher who'd like to do some of the work with us?
  • Model for WS287 released - when do Caltech want to hand over? [MZ]

  • Grant

  • The difference between "party" and "I will organise a barbecue for my family and friends the 4th of July" [MZ]
  • Content of the figure for the Specific Aims page (p3)
  • Shortening section A from 8 pages to 2
  • Shortening section B from 12 pages to 6
  • Can we mention we are a Global Core Bioresource? - No, we are not yet
  • Aim 2. Gene-centric curation. None of the paragraphs mention any work or plan for migrating that data class to Alliance - is that right? Some overview is mentioned in the introductory para in section B. But some relevant highlights are mentioned in Aim 1 - so it is slightly inconsistent.
  • Aim 4 now lists worm-specific curation and tools we want to continue to support, outside Alliance
  • Are we promising to do too much?


Please quantify how much analysis is needed, if possible, for example in curation hours.

Mention how analysis tools should migrate to Alliance, or be otherwise supported.

User survey is complete, and results have come back with some good comments. 60 responses.

Some reporting of the webstats (in section A).

Sub-points from the Gannt chart mentioned in the text - we can all aim to do that.

Specific Aims figure - what to do? complexity of what we do. Diagrams with genome sequence, or data classes, and how they related to each other Alliance paper fig 2.

In aim 1 & 2 mention migration to Alliance briefly.