WBConfCall 2022.07.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Help desk issues

  • Thanks to people for self-assigning themselves, most/all issues helped or under progress
    • small error in C. elegans variant tm4928 #8698 - Stavros has self-assigned
  • Next help-desk officer is Scott (from July 25th)



  • New Starter: Matej Vucak - WormBase ParaSite's new developer. He's based in Matt Berriman's group at the University of Glasgow, UK. Welcome Matej!

Global Core Biodata Resource application

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1juJ4mm1evay32lNt3OOsbKL36RY4_3cW/edit#heading=h.gjdgxs
    • 2b. Usage in research as measured through biodata resource citation in the scientific literature
      • Resource-specific accession numbers or unique identifiers mentioned in PubMed/EuropePMC/Google Scholar (citation of specific entities from the biodata resource)
    • 2d. Connections to other data resources
      • Please include a url link to pre-existing documentation on this topic, if relevant.
    • 3e i. Data Curation
      • Does the resource provide documentation of the data curation process/deposition workflow? Please describe, with a url link to public documentation, where relevant.
    • 3e ii. Provenance and Evidence
      • Does the resource link to the primary scientific literature for provenance of/evidence for data statements or biological context?
        • Please provide examples, with a url link to public documentation, where relevant.

Survey Preview


WormBase Grant Renewal

  • Planning and timeline