WBConfCall 2022.01.06-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

Help desk

  • No outstanding issues so far

Other items

Improving display and recognition of community curation

  • Discuss github ticket created in response to a recent email from Tim S.
  • AI: Follow up with web team to see if there are relatively easy/low hanging-updates that we could make to the WB website to help acknowledge our community curators in a more systematic and prominent way. Other actions, that may require more work, should be discussed in the context of Alliance development.

Improving data submission from the community

  • How to solve the problem of getting spurious data
  • Use a combination of AI and curator vetting to solve this
  • AFP has implemented some machine checking/AI methods, we can think about using similar techniques for the phenotype submission form as well

GENETICS submission

  • Paul D. is wrapping up the final round of revisions for the GENETICS paper