WBConfCall 2021.11.04-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes



  • Request from Bella Smith from Creative Biolabs, a life science company focusing on antibodies: "I am kindly writing to ask about getting Creative Biolabs listed and submitting C. elegans antibodies to your database."
    • We don't curate commercial antibodies. We generate antibody records as we find them in the literature (lab generated). This means that, even if we were to accept a bulk submission from Creative Biolabs, there would be no Paper attached to the record.

Should we make an exception for this company? Should we include antibodies from other companies?

Todd: we already provide commercial reagents in other sections. If the data is useful why shouldn't we distribute these data to our users?

Raymond: Since these are not published, we can't curate them and that't the main difference between commercial and non-commercial antibodies. We should be more restrictive on these commercial inputs.

Todd: Published doesn't mean true, so why not accepting commercial antibodies? We could have an additional section for commercial reagents on gene pages and this could be a great resource for users.

Daniela: We can reply asking for more details on the amount of data that they have and in the meanwhile ask our stakeholders if this is worth considering.

Valerio: Depending on what we decide, we could modify our automated extraction pipelines to identify commercial antibodies.

Karen: I don't see any downsides unless companies want to charge us for this service. Since other organisms are involved, this should also be discussed at the Alliance.