WBConfCall 2021.10.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes


  • interaction network not working [#8429][#8430]
    • known issue. 1. size of the network 2. rendering the network. Todd working on this, might be resolved today
    • Is there a simple solution to make sure the table is available? Possibly, Todd will take a look

Species page

WormBase's All Species page (https://wormbase.org/species/all#0123--10-02) updated with new genomes from WB ParaSite release 16 - how can we update this webpage with the new species? Update from last week

  • Todd will take a look and will update Dio.
  • Magda: try to have a page that will update itself, regardless of the release
  • Could use a parasite API endpoint (if it exists, it probably does, need to script the gene names to create a file)