WBConfCall 2021.01.07-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

Agenda and Minutes

  • Biomart webinar: Monday Jan 11th, 8 am Pacific - Faye will present, Ranjana will host, Daniela and Karen will monitor the chat
  • Build 280 has commenced, follow #build280 slack channel for updates

Variation First Pass

  • Pipeline is up and running, sending out emails to variation-first-pass-group@wormbase.org - changed to no-email option as requested [PD]
  • Need to add outreach@wormbase.org to the vfp google group - added by Magz
  • as soon as we start evaluating the results we will continue with Hinxton to improve the pipeline

Alliance Disease WG

  • The disease WG will split into 2 subgroups
  • Someone from Hinxton should be on the Disease alliance subgroup for the allele discussion
  • Allele data model is different than other MODs. Need to consolidate.
  • might have to a migrate to a new way of thinking and create data models that are more accommodating. A minimal model might not fit all
  • Cindy will contact top management
  • Madga will try to join the call and will follow up with Cindy

Neural Network (NN)

  • Michael Muller changed the SVM results to NN
  • Does Hinxton use the curation status form? only Gary W
  • How is Hinxton notified about SVM results? email
  • Hinxton will take a look at this and will get back to Caltech

Alliance UI

  • Need of organism specific pages
  • Anyone interested in designing the landing pages? Todd will help with this


  • Has anyone been in touch with the planarian community?
  • Kevin talked with Jochen Rink about extending parasite to other taxa but the planarian specific databases (PlanMine) might be more appropriate
  • We can think on onboarding them as another Alliance member