WBConfCall 2020.05.21-Agenda and Minutes

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WS277 release

the WS277 release will be delayed another week (pre-FTP release 29th of May / 5th of June on FTP)

WS278 Models and Build Schedule

  • Confirm model proposals and changes
    • Genotype/Disease_model_annotation
    • ECO_term
  • Confirm build schedule
    • As proposed on the #build278 slack:
Rather than our current fixed dates schedule, I suggest we move to a sliding release schedule: the public release to production would occur no later than two months after whenever the build is released, or whenever things are ready.  That is what we had agreed on at the last conference call. We can still publish anticipated release dates, in part because it helps relieve the agony of deciding on dates for each and every release.  And still strive for 5-6 releases a year.
    • What does everyone think?

Help Desk


Release scheduling

  • WS277 build will be delayed another week, due to unexpected changes to the Sanger compute farm
  • More broadly, if the Hinxton build is late the final production release date will nominally be delayed by the corresponding amount of time (and communicated to users). The CalTech upload date for the next release will also be shifted (and communicated to curators).



  • Scott is planning a webinar on data browsing in JBrowse. Will circulate content. Looking for a helper.