WBConfCall 2017-12-05-Agenda and Minutes

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WS264 upload and build dates

Upload for WS264 in Jan 2018: Are we sticking to the published dates on the Release Schedule, i.e Jan 19th, 16th for Caltech files to be ready for testing in citace.

Biocurator Meeting 2018, Shangai

WormBase/Micropublication/ will have representatives there

Outstanding Help Desk

Downloading expression data

Interactions widget not loading on daf-12 gene page #5999


WS264 upload and build dates

Matt to ask Paul Davis to send e-mail confirmation to caltech of any changes required for next upload (December)

Biocurator Meeting 2018, Shangai

Discussion about who's going.

AGR Discsussion

PaulS: All mod-data should come from AGR

      concentrate on standardization

KHowe: Stength of WB is structure FTP site, perhaps bring that to AGR.

      Other areas that would greatly benefit standarization: GFF, GO

<TBD>: Discussion on Expression cluster / Types (I was unable to hear this all due to interference, please annotate - thanks, Matt)

Outstanding Help Desk

Discussion about interactions widget timeout and general timeout on webserver.


- Daniela had already replied to user, will update ticket (hasn't had response) 
- Chris will see what can be done with intermine.
- Matt will ask Gary to look into