WBConfCall 2017-11-16-Agenda and Minutes

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Outstanding Help Desk

  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5977
    • Submitted 2 assembled genomes + annotations to NCBI (C. latens/PX534 and C.remanei/PX439
    • would like to add the 2 new assemblies to WormBase and update the C.remanei/PX356 assembly & annotation to the new set.


  • Orthology.
    • Michael P - Something about PantherDB. (the source of the problematic data is PantherDB)
    • Chris / Jae - Sequence similarity calls, and orthology calls by other methods. Can we take all things into account when displaying orthologs in AGR or WormBase.
    • Michael P - We show all connections (in WormBase. Including any curated ones from user submissions and papers).
    • Raymond - Not about automated predictions, about manual connections of functional homologs, not picked up by automated mechanisms.
    • Paul S - Functional data is not orthology.
  • Chris - AGR working on help desk pipeline.
  • Raymond - Caltech scrambling for model changes recently. There was discussion on github, but Caltech didn't know, how does Caltech subscribe to these discussions ?
    • Matt R - Started like a simple issue, but grew more complicated.
    • Chris - Can we use the models mailing list ?
    • Todd - github should post to slack, maybe have discussion there.
    • Raymond - Caltech doesn't use slack much, prefers email. Can we do email ?
    • Todd - Will look into it.
    • Raymond - If that doesn't work, can we centralize into a single place to subscribe to.
    • Paul D - Curators shouldn't need to keep track of all github, can send an email when appropriate.
    • Raymond - Issue came from not understanding acedb modeling for datomic conversion.
    • Matt R - Discovering things as we go along, can make document of best practices for the future.