WBConfCall 2017-11-05-Agenda and Minutes

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  • ticket number: #5947

Dustin Graham from Lab Animal, a new Nature Research Journal covering in vivo science and technology using model organisms of human health and disease (www.nature.com/laban). would like to build a collection of commentaries or perspective pieces on model organisms databases from the MODs. His e-mail : Dustin Graham (d.graham@us.nature.com)

outstanding help desk items


issue #5947 needs to be addressed by the PIs

Raymond - is there a policy to deal with questions from students

  • Two issues
    • Are we doing a disservice by answering them? ->Chris points out that this is a more a less case by case basis, depends on the intention of the student
    • Are we wasting our time. ->Chris says 'no'

Karen -

  • suggests we reach out to a couple PIs to get advice on what to say
  • set up a student forum where they can ask each other


  • our role is to educate


  • if is smells like a homework assignment we ask them directly for more information to clarify the situation

Final action - None