WBConfCall 2017-08-017-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Kevin and Paul Davis are on leave until Monday, Paul Kersey is at the Alliance PI meeting - Mh6 (talk)
  • Daniela [Karen/Raymond filling in as conference moderator]

Updates from last meeting

  • NAR paper status - due the 15th, was it sent off?
  • WB Grant status update - drafts due today
  • modENCODE data, meeting from last week left off with a question
    • Should WormBase provide authoritative info about modENCODE data? Something to consider
  • Search testing, Sibyl asked for people to test search function for their data; has there been enough feedback?

WormBase Slack Team

  • There is now a consolidated WormBase slack team -consolidated from hinxton and oicr slack teams, which had been in place since 2015
  • wormbase.slack.com
  • does not replace the AGR slack
  • If interested, you can sign up with your WormBase.org|Caltech|OICR email (without verification) or other email (with verification)
  • cost is based on per active user basis, expense should be nominal with educational discount
  • paying allows access to past messages

Outstanding Help Desk Issues

  • Is it OK to sell things on WormBase forum?
    • Raymond suggests making a division between for-profit or non-profit, Paul S. suggests if laboratory work is involved that could be another distinction
    • We could use this as a means to monetize a separate - better visibility for companies, the forum doesn't necessarily provide a large traffic
  • User has issues logging into WormBase (https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5812)
    • Sibyl will take care of this
  • [can't be dealt with until after Paul D. returns 21-8-17] Molecule model change still requires fixing of .ace, (https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5687)



  • Hinxton - Kevin will be a few days late, OICR - will deliver to RL today
  • Todd is point person for NAR - send everything to him
  • NAR invitation to write goes to previous point person.


  • PIs taking care of their respective sites
  • propose fixing ModEncode data to make its upkeep and display more robust, clear, and useful for users and easier for us to maintain

AGR update

  • AGR PI meeting in Chicago tomorrow, discussion will focus on what happens beyond the 1.0 release.

Delay data upload for next release

  • Wen wants to push back the local upload to citace to Aug 29th

MOD encode

  • initial topic came up due to missing data and discrepencies on the modEncode track, wrt re-called data
  • Chris suggests consolidating some of the tracks
  • Gary W. will lead

Search function

Sibyl will call out for feedback on a 2nd round