WBConfCall 2016.12.15-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

  • Thank you to everyone who helped answer queries.
    • Seems like the BLAST/BLAT server is back up and running.

Models and WS258 Upload/Build


  • Portal implementation working groups
    • Google doc (see email for link)
    • Curators / subject-matter-experts needed for each group (but not too many!)
  • Orthology
    • Pressure from the Orthology WG for WB to move to a once-per-year update cycle for gene models. What do people think?

New Starter

  • Faye Rodgers has recently joined WormBase @ Sanger to work with parasites


Future Conference Calls

  • Will switch to using GoToMeeting
    • There will be local numbers for the calls, and people can dial in with their computer
    • Please contact Raymond if you have any problems with this.

Help Desk Issues

  • All caught up, but some question about whether or not a header for the BLAST/BLAT input is absolutely required
  • Doesn't seem to be, but we're not sure what exactly was fixed, then to make it work again

WS258 Upload and Build

  • Models will be made available tomorrow, December 16th
  • Upload next month, citace will upload January 13th



  • Aim to have portal in place by March 7th, the date of the SAB meeting
  • More discussion about this on the AGR leadership call tomorrow

Orthology Working Group

  • Paul T. - not enough compute resources to do PANTHER builds more than once a year
  • Could WB move to a once-a-year gene model update to coincide with this schedule?
  • Is there a way around this bottleneck for AGR, e.g. farm out the compute resources?
  • Suggest meeting between Kevin, Paul T., Paul S., Paul K. to discuss this
  • Would be nice not to have to downgrade release of WB gene models
  • Want to keep orthology pipeline in place for nematodes


  • Who from WB is involved?
    • Lincoln attended all-hands meeting last week
    • May need to take a more active role here
    • Could provide compelling use cases to make sure our, and users, needs are addressed
    • Make AGR portal one of the use cases
    • Three existing Commons:
      • NCI Commons
      • Trans-NIH Commons
      • Genome Commons

New Member of WormBase Parasite Team

  • Welcome, Faye!