WBConfCall 2016.09.01-Agenda and Minutes

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Standing items

Updates from AGR working groups

  • Use-case
  • Disease / Phenotype
  • Orthology
  • Tools

Help Desk tickets requiring attention



  • Was in a car accident; will need to minimize work load and screen time (emergencies only for now)
  • Should we put the next build (WS256) on hold? Probably not. OICR won't need to start the working on WS256 for ~4 weeks
  • Sibyl could possibly attempt to stage WS256, Juancarlos could provide assistance

Working Groups

Use Cases

  • Have had 2 meetings so far
  • Having some difficulty in defining the scope of user stories/use cases for the AGR portal
  • Also, not clear if there is a development group we should be immediately handing off use-cases to
  • We've done a cross-comparison of data presented on gene pages at each MOD
  • Started building wire-frame diagrams for the process of querying AGR on a gene and arriving at a gene page
  • We have identified several input/output pairs of data; input is what query is based on/seeded with; output is what data a user is attempting to retrieve
  • We are individually working on defining many user stories starting with different input data types
  • We will sort and prioritize the list of user stories and start developing use-cases for the top user stories
  • It may be best use of time to first outline what is on a gene page and how users would query for genes


  • 2 meetings so far
  • What objects do people curate to?
  • What are the ontologies and controlled vocabularies that are used?
  • There's a mixed bag; group will work on defining standards that everyone can use
  • The Disease Ontology (DO) was decided to be a central ontology to use; some funding for DO in question
  • Mouse group has been working heavily with DO and OMIM
  • OMIM have their own curators and annotation style, not quite ready for receiving input from outside databases/groups
  • Discussing curation of NOTs; when a disease model might be expected, capture when it doesn't turn out to be


  • Only 3 members (PIs) up until this week; others joined this week
  • Currently working on defining canonical protein sets
  • Would use UniProt reference proteome; up to date for some organisms (yeast, fly, worm), not all (not mouse, zebrafish, rat)
  • UniProt working on getting up to date
  • Canonical zebrafish protein set defined by Ensembl/Havana(sp?)
  • Why doesn't UniProt have an up to date protein set for zebrafish?
  • Mouse: money/effort spent on curating protein sets for mouse at EBI; not clear how mouse databases (MGI) use the Ensembl data
  • Rat canonical protein set also not clearly defined in UniProt
  • Will learn more in upcoming meeting

Caltech will discuss single-cell RNA profiling

  • What do we think about mapping sequence reads from these data sets?
  • We will try to incoporate all available data; some back log to work through
  • Each paper has their own pipelines/processes for analysis of data; how do we want to capture/accommodate this data?