WBConfCall 2016.08.04-Agenda and Minutes

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Changes to conference call access

NOTE: New telephone number for attending conference call
USA/Canada 1-855-830-8937
(caller paid) 1-646-982-0395
UK (freephone) 0800 279 5729
UK (caller paid) 0330 336 6025
Access code has also changed, see email from Raymond to staff@wormbase for this code


No agenda items


Update on helpdesk: very few issues this week due to summer vacation for many users, there are a few old tickets that I have updated. Most are now closed.

Juan Carlos has developed version of SimpleMine that uses Datomic queries. Data lookup fast, but querying by gene name is slow. Still using a single OR query across different fields, but it is slow.
Matt and Sibyl offered to take a look at the code.
Kevin: Thomas made a version of Table Maker driven by Datomic. Shows datalog queries that are composed. Could be good for SimpleMine to show the actual query in developer mode. This would allow us to see what queries are being made without needing to look at the code.
Juan Carlos: SimpleMine currently uses four flat files and this is faster than the Datomic powered prototype.
Raymond: hopefully we won’t need SimpleMine when WormMine is fully featured.
[Short discussion about API types for Datomic]
Todd: would not recommend using REST in a mine (latency issues, etc)
Raymond: would be nice to support both WBGene IDs and gene names