WBConfCall 2015.03.19-Agenda and Minutes

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International Meeting - June

Plans for pre-meeting at Caltech

WB Talks

WB Workshops

WB Table - Poster Sessions

Help Desk Tickets

Asked for more information from user, no response yet: #3690, #3689

Suggestion on titles used for RNAseq display - see #3688



Sibyl, Todd will come early

Xiaodong, Kimberly, Mary Ann will come early, too

No official site-wide meeting; can have conversations during UCLA meeting

WB talks

Paul will talk at plenary - deadline April 16th

WB workshops

Chris sent to Gillian Stanfield

Sent summary around in email

We have 90 minutes

Seven talks - 12-15 minutes each

Ask Chris if you need schedule again

Schedule will appear in meeting agenda? yes

WB table - poster sessions

One booth for WB, one for ParaSite?

Try for two - can use both for both projects

Chris can email Gillian Stanfield, cc Kevin

Any WB posters?

If you want to make one, go for it

Community Annotation poster (Mary Ann, Karen, Ranjana, Daniela) and presence at booth good

Can make a brief comment in abstract about exploring micropublications - err on conservative side for the abstract

Help Desk

RNAseq titles

Move from identifiers to human readable descriptions (50 characters - several lines)

Gary Williams will work on this


What are people’s thoughts?

Slack features:

Can create channel for specific topics

Doesn’t copy all previous correspondence with each reply

Transparency in that everyone can see all channels

Karen - good for tracking emails, threads, can integrate other tools like github

Michael P. - doesn’t improve the number of incoming communications

Slack implementation still needs improvement especially wrt threading

Can anyone give a definitive answer to why we’re changing? What’s the need?

The idea is that this would replace email

What effect would this have on help desk?

Paul D. - we need to choose and use Slack for the right purposes

Mary Ann - which bit of WB communication is Slack trying to improve?

Chris - intended to consolidate different threads, pipelines into one place

Mary Ann - would external users need to use Slack as well for help?

Raymond - can you know if other people have read the message?

Kevin - no

Other possibility - LINE (Raymond) - could check to see if someone read it

Would this discourage people from using it?

Kevin - SLACK really encourages stream of consciousness writing; this doesn’t happen so much

when composing emails; important information can get lost in the chit chat

Using SLACK for the important exchange of technical information may not be the right medium

Mary Ann - should we try to improve how we use our existing tools, e.g. wiki?

We need Todd to weigh in more here

Someone should check with Richard Durbin’s group to see how they like it

Final decision pending…..

WS248 release

submit news items to Kevin