WBConfCall 2015.02.5-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and minutes

help desk issues


Release schedule for IWM 2015

WS247 is due on ftp.sanger mid-Feb, so public mid of April (cycle shifted due to 2014 holidays). If we want WS248 to be live at the meeting, we should be aiming for it to go live by early-mid June. This implies an freeze/upload window of end-Feb to mid-March. Precise dates to be discussed.

If we want it live the whole of June we can have a short cycle between 247 and 248

WebTeam needs at least two weeks from time of release to making it available on the production architecture

GO annotation model the biggest model change for 248,

  • require at the minimum a new table, other changes could wait for subsequent releases
  • a new GO association gaf file would also be needed (Kevin and Kimberly will work on it>
13th Feb Models deadline
20th Feb Models Tag
<citace upload to Wen due Tuesday 3rd of Mar>
6th Mar Data upload
3rd April  248 FTP'd Hinxton
1st May 248 Staging
1st June 248 Live

So as Kevin said there is a sliding 3/4 week window to be decided.

  • Mary Ann: user requested query not able to be done through WormMine and still needs curator to pull it out of ACeDB.
  • Todd: new developer Paolo N. working on automated process for updating WormMine, after that is done, webteam will look at and load in datatypes that still need to be added and catch up with existing git issues
  • Mary Ann: very willing to help Paolo develop user guidelines on using WormMine when team is ready
  • Todd: WormMine interface is not under WormBase control, interface and usability will probably be discussed at the InterMine meeting coming up soon and will hopefully address user interface
  • Todd: model changes and tags that alter data integration can break the WormMine build and interface