WBConfCall 2014.10.16-Agenda and Minutes

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Topic curation

  • Caltech is currently doing Wnt signalling, will continue into the next release
  • Chris will send a list of genes/papers to Hinxton for this topic

Release Notes

  • Michael P. collects new datatype information, numbers, etc from people to put into release notes, e-mailing him is fine
  • We can then publish important news/topic curation results from the release notes, to the website

IWM 2015 WormBase activities

  • Workshops: We will ask for 2 workshops, parallel sessions did not work well, we can repeat a workshop twice on different days which is better
  • Chris will write to the organizers to arrange this (I (Chris) just wrote to Gillian Stanfield (meeting organizer) on Oct 16, 2014)
  • Booths: Ask for more booths if possible, also a big tutorial room with computer stations would be good